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Our security shutters are all-weather, all-purpose and guaranteed for up to 10 years. Locally made from premium aluminum that have a Qualicoat approved powder coating to ensure that your shutters last the test of time.

We custom fit to your doors and windows, providing a beautiful, all-in-one alternative to blinds, curtains and many types of security barriers.

Why compromise between security and beauty? Why settle for having to secure your views with industrial looking products that offer zero light control or privacy and thereby forcing you to spend on curtains and blinds as well.

Out security shutters patented design, 35mm frame, reinforced louvers, and an attention to quality reinforce the security offering.

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Full Security & Lite options available


Internal or external application


Up-to-10-year guarantee


Short lead time


Eco/enviro friendly materials


Locally manufactured


Affiliated member of SASA, SAIA and Cape Chamber of Commerce


Developed based on 18 years experience


Reinforced louvres


Qualicoat approved powder coating


Shutters are accepted as a security barrier by most insurance companies


Available in White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Bronze & Charcoal


Light & privacy control


Rust resistant materials


Full security and Lite options available


Up-to-10-year guarantee


Eco/enviro friendly materials




External and


Aluminium security shutters can be used for both indoor and outdoor installations.




Peace of mind


Quality product


Easy operation


Insulation and shade


Add value to your home

Quality security shutters are manufactured from aluminium and provide both privacy and light control as well as being a security barrier that is accepted by most insurance companies. Security shutters offer all the functional benefits of both burglar proofing and light control products in one beautiful combination.

aluminium shutters


Security Shutters

Lite Shutters

Locally made security shutter under licence

4 Standard colours: White, Light Grey, Charcoal & Bronze

Fixed rails top and bottom with adjustable louvre pitches

5-Year warranty based on manufacturer’s criteria

Interlocking side channels for enhanced security

14-45 Minute locking pin lengths

A superior quality, locally produced, aesthetic aluminium shutter that has fantastic light and privacy control characteristics.


All our shutters are custom-fitted to your specific room requirements and measurements and created to fit your door or window perfectly.

Lounge Shutters

With clean lines and great aesthetics, our shutters provide you with the perfect lighting and safety for the room that you spend most of your time in.

Patio Shutters

Your veranda is will always be ready for entertainment and guests. You can either open your patio up or close it up and prevent the wind from putting a dampener on your party.

Bedroom Shutters

The perfect light control that keeps you safe without impacting the look, style, and comfort of your bedroom.

Kitchen Shutters

Easy to clean with a smooth wipeable surface, our shutters are not only hygienic and practical, but the hardworking choice for your home.

Sliding Door Shutters

For those days that you need the open space without compromising on the view. Our sliding shutters help create more room to move and allow you to bring your outdoor space indoors.

Front Door Shutters

The front door is the entrance to your home and needs to make an impact, whilst keeping out any unwanted intruders.

Bathroom Shutters

Perfect for handling damp conditions and humidity as these shutters won’t rust or discolour — you get total privacy where you need it the most.


Internal Shutters

  • We take your family’s security seriously and ensure that our shutters, that are produced and manufactured in Cape Town are top-notch and are the absolute best aluminium shutters possible.
  • Our shutters not only protects and enhances the beauty of your home but also save you money in the long run.

External Shutters

  • Many openings in your home require two products to meet your functional and decorative needs. When stacked, shutters remain almost undetectable – providing a cosy feeling when completely closed, and allowing natural light and views to flood in when opened at different angles. As well as providing security for years to come, they contribute to the aesthetics of your home by eliminating the need for unsightly burglar bars and security gates.
  • The long-lasting shutters we offer ensure that you can keep entertaining regardless of the weather. They protect from wind, direct sunlight, and even rain. Thanks to our powder coat and various fixings, our shutters can also be installed externally.

Improve your home’s privacy and security with the craftmanship you deserve.


All shutters require ongoing care and maintenance for both inland and coastal installations to ensure trouble-free operations and we have compiled an easy-to-use guide below.

  • Remove dirt and dust from the bottom track by using a broom or vacuum cleaner. The dirt inside the track will prevent the bottom guide pin from gliding smoothly, causing the shutters to get stuck or make abnormal squeaking or scraping sounds while opening and/or closing them.
  • No lubrication is needed for the bottom track.
  • Shutters, louvre blades, frames and tracks (top and bottom) should be cleaned with a solution of warm water and non-abrasive, pH neutral detergent solution. Surfaces should be thoroughly rinsed after cleaning to remove all residues. All surfaces should be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge or nothing harsher than a soft natural bristle brush.
  • Dry the shutters by using a non-scratch cloth.
  • Soft cotton cloths
  • Broom with soft bristles or vacuum cleaner
  • Non-acetic multipurpose silicon spray


Our supplier is a reputable shutter manufacturer that is also a gold affiliate of SASA, a member of SAIA, and a member of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and our shutters will not only protect and enhance the value and beauty of your home, but it will also save you money in the long run. Security and light control come in one convenient package.

In Cape Town, our high-quality security shutters are manufactured using eco-friendly and environmentally friendly production methods. With over 18 years of experience, our product is developed by highly respected installation and sales agents nationwide.

With this level of commitment and dedication, it’s no surprise that most insurance companies in the country accept shutters as a standard security barricade.

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