Homes with distinct features are more desirable to own in today’s world. It’s all about standing out from the Jones’. Alpha-glass comes in right here. Our external frameless doors are an excellent method of setting your new home apart from others.
Below are justifications for incorporating glass doors with Alpha-glass SA🇿🇦
“We didn’t invent the view, we simply perfected it.” – Alphaglass SA🇿🇦
Our frameless glass panels include an invisible Low-E (low emissivity) coating that helps keep your home looking good while cutting down on unwanted energy costs.
To ensure a comfortable living environment, it is important to protect your home from overheating via sunlight. This can be accomplished with the help of Low-e glass which helps block infrared light, so you can save on heating or cooling costs!
Low e glass also limits the amount of light that can get into your home through this tough coating. With frameless glass, your entire household is shielded from dangerous UV rays.
Not only do you enjoy a view, but you do so without increasing your energy costs.
Another way to reduce the quantity of light that enters your home is by choosing tinted windows. It’s a choice on the table for anyone to grab. The only issue may be that it requires extra in-home brightness, ultimately increasing energy costs.
Regardless, with or without tints, your home is better off. With Alpha-glass , you can let in plenty of natural light while saving money on your power. A win-win.
Indoor and outdoor living is the dream of every resident. With sliding glass patio doors, you can enjoy a carefree lifestyle that does not need to be limited by time or seasonality!
With exterior sliding glass doors, you can bring the outside in. Your guests will love exploring your beautiful backyard while they enjoy socializing with family members inside!
frameless glass sliding doors bring a clean, airy feel to your home. The seamless indoor-outdoor connection they provide is an important characteristic of contemporary architectural style
As a parent, wide glass doors allow you to watch over your children and pets conveniently. It gives peace of mind that is hard to find anywhere else.
kitcken and outdoor space
The frameless glass door and window is a versatile design component that can be customized to fit any room or home style. These doors come in different shapes, sizes and colors so they match the aesthetic needs of every space. Some examples are:
Curved glass systems
Counter Height System
Combination Systems
Floor to ceiling glass walls
And so, on
As long as we can seal the channel, We can customize your sliding glass door design to suit any needs.
We want to help you make your house stand out from the rest by offering some unique design features that are sure not be found anywhere else. Our team will work with clients on their dream home and provide creative solutions for all of those special moments in life; whether it’s an office space or a family room! Check out our gallery of commercial projects below, then contact us today so we can get started making yours even better than before
The view from your construction site doesn’t need to overlook the Ocean in order for it be worth capitalize on. Depending on how much of an advantage you have with its magnificence, uniqueness and scope; a great view could add between 5% – 100% onto potential selling price!
What’s not to love about Alpha-glass ? They offer an unobstructed view and some unexpected benefits for homebuyers. Whether you’re looking at small parks or bluffs overlooking the Ocean , it is important that your property capitalize on this opportunity in a price-efficient way while also being able add value with its views.